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[000. Where It All Starts]

One-click Web3 onboarding with Passkeys Developer kit

Simplify wallet creation and funding for new web3 users through biometric login

[001. Simple Signup]

Stop new user drop off with just a few lines of code.

Reduce churn and empower new users to start transacting without leaving your platform.

  • New users create and fund their self-custodial Passkeys wallet directly on your website.
  • No seed phrase, no browser extension, and no email verification required.
  • Authentication through biometrics provides users with a secure, seamless and familiar experience.

[002. Funding]


Enable new users to purchase crypto directly within an embedded wallet on your platform, ensuring higher user retention.

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[003. Liquidity]

Unlock Liquidity

Leverage untapped liquidity from unsupported networks through seamless cross-chain swaps.

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[004. Cross-Application]

One Wallet
For All

Passkeys embedded wallets are portable across different applications, allowing you to engage a growing network of users.

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[005. Free Your Team]

Focus on What
Matters Most

Streamline user onboarding with minimal code, freeing your team to build your core product.

[006. For developers]

Effortless Integration

Embed the Passkeys wallet on your platform with just a few lines of code.

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